Digital Efficiency and Transparency

Analog insurance processes are no longer up to date. Without digital workflows, you deal with unnecessary paperwork, too much lead time, and processing costs.
Insurfox uses state-of-the-art technologies to make insurance easier for you. With our strong partners as risk carriers, we offer high competence in the commercial insurance sector. Our policies deliver the highest standard of cover and service. Booking and processing your insurance through our platform is straightforward and time-saving.


Insurfox is live –

Questions to CEO Jürgen Sprang

What does Insurfox do in one tweet?
Insurfox brings light into the darkness and makes insurance easy as pie for all customers. Clear structures, exact formulations – without any small print! Insurfox digitalizes and optimizes processes in the insurance world. Our insurance policies are simple, individual, and digital!
I have known the startup scene since 1998 and bring decades of experience in the technology and investor market.
How did the idea for Insurfox come about? Was there a decisive moment or an experience?
I had the idea for Insufox a few years ago. Even then, I was concerned about the dreary insurance world and its bad image. But the necessary competence team was missing. 
In Sina Schlosser and Sara Paul from Speditions-Assekuranz Versicherungsmakler GmbH, I found my experts for the beginning. Sara has known the insurance industry for many years and overcame one or two hurdles before long processing times, complicated application forms, incomprehensible insurance jargon, paperwork, long distances, etc. Compared to other sectors, the insurance industry lags in terms of digitalization. I inspired the sisters for Insurfox and won them as shareholders.
What has been the biggest obstacle since the founding of Insurfox?
The biggest challenge was the goal-oriented work in 2-week sprints. In the insurance world, everything has worked a little slower so far. We had to learn to put aside our perfectionism, present ideas that were not 100% ready, and trust the team’s abilities.
And then along came the Covid-19 pandemic, which initially brought everything to a standstill. At the same time, the personal life plans of some of the founding members changed. There was a need to sort out and set up many things anew. That was time-consuming.
What has been your best achievement at Insurfox so far? 
The first investors! Knowing that third parties believe in the idea filled us with pride!
Have you been inspired by other startups or people? If so, who was it?
What inspires me most are people who look beyond the box and dare to do something! The logistics and mobility industry is particularly close to my heart. The market for insurtechs is ripe. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerator for tech innovation. I’ve been in the startup industry since 1998. I was particularly impressed by Amazon, Google, and Facebook, which dominate the global market in their field and have created a whole new industry.
For a successful startup, you don’t only need a good idea but also capital. How did the financing work for you in the beginning?
Fortunately, Insurfox’s founding team consisted of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with some equity.
Who are the founders, and how did you find each other?
I met Sara and Sina through the Logistics Initiative Hamburg. The original founding team consisted of five partners. In the meantime, various employees have joined, from software developers, graphic designers, and UX/UI designers to the marketing and PR team. All of them come from different industries and bring in their know-how. Over the years, I have gained valuable contacts as an entrepreneur, which have helped me in the startup phase.
Startup ideas don’t always have to be completely new. What makes Insurfox unique? What sets you apart from the competition?
Insurfox makes life easier! That should be the basic idea of every insurance company. It is very often not implemented. We want to offer our customers a simple way to take out suitable insurance products. Well-known German insurance companies are Insurfox’s partners!  So the customer gets the best service! We are not reinventing the insurance principle either. Instead, we are raising it to a modern, digital level with a new guise and thus adapting it to the digital age. The insurance market and financial services are non-transparent and have a high potential for optimization. Insurfox is revolutionizing insurance conclusion, claims management, and administration. We are simple, fast, and at the same time, high-quality and secure. Documents such as insurance policies and confirmations are immediately available online and in validated form. Insurfox is an insurance intermediary and an insurance platform/service provider for all other market participants, a marriage of insurance and innovation.
Who is Insurfox’s target group?
Traders from all over Europe. Our first product, the CMR/carrier liability insurance, addresses companies in the logistics sector, for example, forwarders, freight carriers, courier/express/parcel service providers, own-account forwarders, trading companies, and shippers.
What are the medium-term plans for Insurfox, and how do you visualize your future?
We want to grow! We intend to bring more products to the market and expand our portfolio. Ephemeral, Insurfox should become an integral part of the insurance world. Our software engineers are already working on new products and implementing them. These are also products outside the logistics industry. In the future, Insurfox should become widely known as a digital insurance solution.
Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs?
Everyone should have courage and realize their ideas, but with caution. If you believe in your concept and are passionate about it, you can honestly inspire third parties and investors. Don’t be distracted by heckles or criticism. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you have a great idea but lack the know-how to implement it, look for partners who can fill this gap. Use networks!